Author of Shop Local Book receives green recognition award

Local author Heidi Butzine received the 2013 SAGE Green Recognition Award at last week’s s.a.g.e expo in Manhattan Beach for her contribution to improving and preserving the sustainability of the environment and lifestyles within the South Bay of Los Angeles.

“It was nice to be recognized for my work and to know that sage also supports my shop local mission,” says Heidi. In her best-selling book, Shop Local, readers are provided with practical ways to approach a shift of spending at local places with plenty of information and research about why it matters.

The author was also invited to speak at the sage expo where she gave a shop local talk to an audience of locals from the South Bay community, “By shopping locally, we’re able to live a greener lifestyle. We reduce our carbon footprint by driving less and businesses that are local also tend to source products and materials locally, which further reduces travel required to get products to the local stores we buy from.”

She added that sustainability also applies to the economic livelihood of a community. “If we take a moment to think about the fact that when we buy from businesses that are based in our neighborhoods, more of that money we spend gets reinvested locally. This has a huge impact on sustaining the diversity, creativity and unique services offered by our hometown businesses.”

Since releasing her book last year, Heidi has also launched her own company that certifies independently owned local businesses. “It’s like a good housekeeping seal of approval for indie businesses and helps people easily distinguish them from a national company that’s disguised as a local business.”

Heidi says she got the idea to offer this certification to businesses and consumers while writing her book and creating her website, “If I was going to follow the tips in my book and offer help for my readers, I wanted to be able to go to one source to find my Certified Locally Owned businesses. People feel good knowing that when they spend their money at one of these certified businesses, it’s going to stay local than if they were to buy at a national chain which would send as much as 85% of that same money outside of the community to corporate headquarters.”

Says Heidi, “I wrote my book to raise awareness but to also make it fun and easy for people to shift some of their spending locally. Shopping local is not just something we do once or twice a year during busy shopping seasons but a practice that we can easily follow each day.”

“The national economy isn’t going to fix itself. We all have a role to play in getting our economy moving in the right direction, so why not start at the local level by supporting our neighbors?”

About Heidi Butzine

Heidi Butzine is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, wine aficionado and shop local expert. Her most recent book, Shop Local: A Practical Pain-Free Guide to Shopping with Purpose, is the result of extensive, hands-on research and part of her personal mission to get more people to support local businesses everywhere and strengthen the communities where they work and live.

A successful business woman with a knack for finding business solutions, Heidi created a successful consulting agency that was coveted and purchased by a Fortune 500 company.  She runs several of her own businesses and works with organizations based around her passion for writing and travel, her love of wine and her desire to help small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed. She is the founder of and Certified Locally Owned and creator of Wineopolis Citizen’s Guide wine travel book series.

About Certified Locally Owned

Certified Locally Owned makes it easier for people to find and shop at local businesses based on a proud distinction and certification of locally owned and independent businesses across the U.S.

The Certified Locally OwnedTM program was created to help local shoppers easily recognize locally owned or independent businesses based on our certification. The certification carries marketing benefits including being featured and marketed on the top-ranked web site as well as a unique business QR code, which marketing experts can attest is an excellent way to measure effectiveness of business advertising.

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