Support Small Business – 2015 Grant Winners

10.21.2015 Business Mavericks

One of the things we love to do to help kick off the holiday shopping season is by telling people about our annual small business grant winners. Each year awards three local independently-owned businesses in the South Bay with cash to reinvest in their businesses and local marketing help.

The 2015 winners have created and are building each of their own businesses and brands. Empowering children, helping pets stay healthy, and making our living spaces and work places more beautiful — these are just some of the things these businesses are doing as part of their mission.

Learn more about our winners below…

10.21.2015 Business MavericksThe Decora team at the 2015 Grant Awards Ceremony (Owner, Samantha Bossu 2nd from right and her growing team)

Decora is a plantscape company creating designs for residential and commercial spaces using live foliage and tropical flowers. They install and maintain the plants, so that their clients don’t have to lift a finger. Decora refers to their team of professionals as “plantscapers” who feature plant designs for interior spaces, exterior patioscapes (container gardens), and greenwalls.

10.21.2015 Business Mavericks

Sheri Fink at the 2015 Grant Awards Ceremony

The mission of The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink is to inspire and delight kids of all ages while planting seeds of self-esteem that can have lifelong benefit. Sheri fulfills this mission through her inspirational speaking, empowering books and music, fun beauty products, and experiences that help kids to embrace their authentic selves and empower them to go after their dreams.

10.21.2015 Business Mavericks

Jean Brusavich, Owner of TranquilPET at the Grant Awards Ceremony

TranquilPET, Animal Healing & Wellness Center, is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of pets through the safe practices of swimming, massage and Reiki. Swimming is non-weight bearing which makes it the perfect exercise for dogs young and old. Jean specalizes in swimming the elderly, arthritic, overweight, as well as pre/post-surgical. Teaching dogs to swim and overcome their fear of water, Jean swims dogs for fun and fitness as well and provides lectures on pet care and training tips for pet owners.

It’s the spirit of entrepreneurship … courage, creativity, discipline, and sound business acumen – and the big ideas it often takes to be a small business owner.

Please show your support for small businesses throughout the year!

Request details about the 2016 grant program or learn more about the South Bay Business Mavericks event.