Before you shop, think about this…


It’s scary how one click at Amazon can get you almost anything you need and even delivered to you within the hour. It’s also scary how huge Amazon has become, now dominating delivery of just about every consumable.  This level of hyper-convenience … Continue reading

Small Business Saturday is November 28


For many small businesses, this weekend is the most important time of the year. The shopping season is a perfect time to support small businesses by shopping local. supports the Shop Small movement — although we believe shopping local should be … Continue reading

TAKE THE PLEDGE: Shop LOCAL (not LOCO) this holiday season

On the way home last night from Thanksgiving dinner, I passed by one of the local malls and saw a packed parking lot with loads of cars “swarming” around in circles waiting for a spot to park. — It was … Continue reading featured in gift-giver’s guide to shopping local

Just in time for the holidays, the Daily Herald released its article, “The gift-giver’s guide to shopping local.” founder Heidi Butzine was featured in the article along with other local advocates to discuss the importance of shopping local and the … Continue reading

Black Friday: Will you shop loco or shop local?

How did it get to be Thanksgiving already? After two super busy months of book signings and speaking events, I’ve barely had a chance to think about the holidays. Yet they’ve already made their presence known. As the holidays sneak … Continue reading