TranquilPET, Animal Healing & Wellness Center – 2015 Small Business Grant Finalist


Jean Brusavich, Owner of TranquilPET based in Gardena, tells us in her Top 3 finalist video submission. “Many pet owners travel over an hour away to swim their dogs, because they are not aware that TranquilPET is right here in their own backyard. I would use the grant to let pet owners know that TranquilPET is swimming dogs right here in the South Bay.” —Jean Brusavich

Personal Story
I have lived in the South Bay for over 20 years and worked in law firm, in administration, for 25 years. When I lost my job in 2011 because the law firm went bankrupt, it never occurred to me that I would not be able to secure another position. After six months of diligently searching for work in the law field, I came to the realization that my future laid elsewhere.

Upon reflection, I realized that all my life I have had a special love of and connection to animals. Twelve years ago my beloved dog, Bailey’s hind legs atrophied due to lack of exercise during her recuperation after surgery and she could not walk. I began to research ways to help her walk again and discovered that warm water swimming might help.

Unfortunately, the only place offering swim therapy was in Fountain Valley (over 40 minutes away). After a month of swimming, three times a week, I noticed a marked improvement in Bailey’s muscle tone and she began to walk again.

It was then that I decided to pursue a career as a holistic animal healer. I began my educational journey in 2006 by studying canine water therapy with Cindy Horsfall of La Paw Spa, in Sequim, Washington. Cindy is the pioneer of canine water therapy and founder of ACWT (Association of Canine Water Therapy). I spent an intense two weeks with Cindy learning warm water therapy for dogs, earning my Level 1 certification. And in 2011, returned to La Paw Spa for another two weeks of additional training and received my Level 2 certification. This training gave birth to the idea of TranquilPET.

I then began studying animal massage and received that certification from the Ojai School of Massage in November, 2011. During this time, I began to realize that not all pets can handle being touched (whether it be cancer, arthritis, etc.), so I looked to other ways that I could help animals and discovered Reiki and Animal Acupressure.

I began studying Reiki in December, 2011, with the International Center for Reiki Training, and continued those studies, receiving my Master Practitioner certification in 2013 with the International House of Reiki (IHR), and continue to study with its founder, Frans Steine. I have also studied animal Reiki with Animal Reiki Source and Animal Heart Strings. I am currently studying acupressure with Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute.

Business Description
TranquilPET, Animal Healing & Wellness Center, is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of your pets through the safe practices of swimming, massage and Reiki.

To date, 95% of my business is swimming dogs in a warm water pool.

Swimming is non-weight bearing which makes it the perfect exercise for dogs young and old. I specialize in swimming the elderly, arthritic, overweight, as well as pre/post-surgical. I also swim dogs strictly for fun and fitness. Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs can swim. So, I teach them to swim and help them over their fear of water.

I incorporate massage and Reiki into my swim sessions and many clients will ask me why. The best explanation is animal massage mirrors the massage benefits we receive. Massage is valuable for two reasons: (1) medically, it reduces stress, relieves pain, relaxes muscles, improves flexibility; and, (2) a luxury … to relax and feel better.

Reiki is a Japanese natural healing method which means “universal life energy” It is safe, gentle, and stress free. Due to its noninvasive, painless nature, Reiki can be used to assist our pet companions with many issues: abandonment, anxiety, depression, grief, injury, pain, side effects of medication, stress, trauma, end of life transition.

Swimming, massage and Reiki are excellent complements to your veterinarian’s services. They can help with your pet’s aftercare. (However, all holistic modalities are not meant to take the place of proper veterinary care.)

I conduct workshops on “How to Give Your Pet a Relaxation Massage” (a hands-on class where you learn on your own pet) and Pet First Aid & CPR classes, the Red Cross way.

I also hold free monthly lectures on various educational pet topics, such as foods/household items toxic to your pets, how to keep your pets safe during the holidays, how to create a pet emergency kit, to name just a few. I also invite other animal colleagues to hold free lectures on topics such as pet communication, elder pet care and dog training tips for pet owners.

Small indie businesses are vital to keeping our communities healthy, wealthy and vibrant, so in honor of our local businesses, is pleased to announce the finalists of our Small Indie Business Grant program. Winners will be honored at the Awards Ceremony on the night of our South Bay Business Mavericks Gala on October 21, 2015 at Toyota USA Automobile Museum in Torrance.

Congratulations to everyone who participated—we received an incredible response of truly amazing applications and videos!



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