Why book signings are totally nerve wracking and healthy

Will anybody show up? Do people care what I have to say? What am I going to talk about?

If you ever have the joy of writing a book (and I hope you let me know when you do), you’ll probably have a book signing or host an event to promote your book or your mission. And you’ll likely have questions like these running through your mind which may cause you to wonder why you even agreed to do a book signing in the first place. While this fear may cause irrational thoughts of feigning some mysterious illness to escape the situation, mustering up the courage to show up and do it is good for you.

The thing is…
The same questions that sparked a little fear and stage fright in me also caused me to work my ass off putting together a speech that I still feel good about and still use to promote my book and mission today. I would have given that talk even if only one person showed up that night. Why? I realized that through the process of preparing what I had to say, my passion was reignited and it got me excited again.

My book is about helping people make a difference in their communities, the economy and their quality of life by making it easy to take what they’re already spending and shift it locally. I want people to hear what I have to say because it’s important and I believe in it.

People talk about passion all the time, but your passion thrives when you’re out in the world sharing it with others, not when it’s stuck in the pages of a book. Anyone who writes a book has a responsibility to get those words and ideas off the pages and out into the world. And the best person to do that is you—its creator.

Get out of our comfort zone {broken record}
Expect the unexpected