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Think local. Eat Local. Stay local. Buy Local. Shop Local in Kalender M59f9856be5e.

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Agriculture & Food Production | Arts, Entertainment & Recreation | Automotive | Commercial & Industrial Services | Construction | Education | Finance, Insurance & Real Estate | Food & Accomodations | Government & Social Services | Health, Beauty & Fitness | Manufacturing | Media | Non-Profit Organizations | Resource & Waste Management | Retail | Services for Home & Business | Services Professional | Technology | Transportation | Wholesale Trade |

Shop Local Tip #10: Switch Banks

Keep your savings or your loans with local Kalender M59f9856be5e indie community banks or credit unions. When you bank local, more money stays in Kalender M59f9856be5e because the interest, the deposits or the loan payments you make help the bank to lend to local businesses or families in your community. These banks can offer the same capabilities as the big banks, but they concentrate on serving only one or two communities based on their smaller asset size. Since they’re locally owned and focus on serving the businesses and families in their geographic area, they build up local wealth in your community. And there is usually greater stability in personnel at a Kalender M59f9856be5e community bank meaning that you’ll likely be dealing with the same banker for years.

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Shop Local in Kalender M59f9856be5e

409 N Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 260
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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