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Do you own a business that is...

  • An independently-owned retail or service business
  • Based in the South Bay (Los Angeles)
  • A small business with fewer than 10 full-time employees
  • Actively involved in the community or local collaborative efforts

Sorry! Entry period ended Midnight September 30, 2016

Winners will be announced at the the 2016 South Bay Business Mavericks Gala & Grant Awards.

We know it takes a lot to run your own business.

So we're giving back. Your business could be one of 3 lucky winners to qualify for a piece of the grant award package and prizes currently valued at over $5,000. Winners will be announced at the South Bay Business Mavericks Gala in October 2016. The 4th annual grant awards program is aimed specifically at helping independently-owned businesses based in the South Bay of Los Angeles grow or maintain their business.

Over the past three years, has given over $10,000 total in grant awards and prizes to local businesses in the South Bay community. Winners received this money to help fund important business needs and support the sustainability and growth of their small business.

Are you an Indie business?

Privately owned. Local business owner has decision-making authority; no conditions dictated remotely.

No affiliation with out of state headquarters or corporate office. Uses own unique brand; not part of a regionally or nationally recognized brand name.

Has a limited number of locations.

Multi-level marketing/direct sales, financial investment firms and franchises are not eligible at this time. Businesses cannot be involved in illegal activities (i.e., gambling, scams).

How to apply for ShopLocal's Small Indie Business Grant

1. Request an invitation

Provide us with basic info about you... name, business and email address.

You will then receive an invitation to apply with the next steps.

2. Complete your application

You will need to complete a short application, telling us about your business, your personal story and how you would use the grant funds for your business.

3. Shoot your video

Record a 2-minute or less video about your local business. What is the "one thing that a grant award would be used for to contribute most to your success as a small business?"

Upload to your YouTube channel.

4. Submit & Invite friends

Submit your application and video link at the website.

Start inviting your social network fans to vote for your business and get at least 25 votes before the deadline!

Enter Now!

Deadline to apply: September 30, 2016

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