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Think local. Eat Local. Stay local. Buy Local. Shop Local in Detail-20170508-26617.

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Shop Local Tip #9: Find Local Entertainment

Dinner and a movie can get a little boring after a while - and expensive. Why not find some other way to be entertained in your local Detail-20170508-26617 community? I’ll bet there are many fun things to do in your neighborhood. Next time you want to have a little fun, go to a local Detail-20170508-26617 theater production, Detail-20170508-26617 sporting event or what’s on exhibit at your nearby Detail-20170508-26617 museum. Maybe buy a sandwich from your local Detail-20170508-26617 deli and picnic at the Detail-20170508-26617 park, take a class at the Detail-20170508-26617 recreational center or catch a live local band. Local entertainment calendars can be found online or in your local paper and are often quite easy on the budget.

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409 N Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 260
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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